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Buy and Sale Watches Barcelona

If you are looking to buy and sell watches in Barcelona, you should know that in this big city there are many alternatives of professional specialists in luxury watch appraisals, to carry out these transactions safely and offering you the best prices.

Luxury watches have always been important collector’s items due to their performance and the quality of the materials with which they are made. But they are also a form of investment, especially in these moments of crisis, in which we seek that our money does not depreciate.

Below we will give you a series of tips and we will explain why second-hand luxury watches are an important alternative to generate investment, with true pieces of art.



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The sale of luxury watches in Barcelona has increased in recent times when the crisis is hitting the entire world.

To get the best appraisal when it comes to selling a luxury watch, it is always advisable to consult with specialized appraisers and jewelers and those who have a good volume of purchases and sales.

The big buyers of luxury watches have a constant movement of them and that is why with them you will get a better appraisal and the immediacy that you are looking for so that they buy your piece bluntly and instantly.


In Barcelona you will find different professionals in the sale of luxury watches that will help you make a good investment with your second-hand watch. The appraisal of these vintage watches will depend a lot on the make, model and the condition in which the watch is found.

The better condition the watch is in, without scratches on its glass or deterioration on the metal of its bracelet, the better the price at which a professional will appraise it. 

In the event that it presents some details, this may devalue its price somewhat, but it will always be a good investment, since second-hand watches are considered true pieces of art with history and are made of metals such as gold, silver or platinum, of great value and quality.



One of the most important business modules for buying and selling watches in Barcelona is second-hand watches. 

Everyone may think that a new luxury watch is always better, but this is not always the case. 

Second-hand luxury watches, having a certain age that can be decades and even more than a century, increase their cost due to maintenance over time.

New luxury watches are made with the same quality metals and crystals as second-hand ones, but the difference is that they suffer an initial depreciation and that it has to do precisely with being recently manufactured.

It will take a few years for these new watches to start to increase in price thanks to their age.

Second-hand watches are also in high demand throughout Barcelona, for that vintage touch that is so widely used in the world of fashion today.

Instead of buying a new luxury item that looks old, you can directly enjoy a model of the times that you seek to represent.

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