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The sale of luxury watches has long ceased to be a thing for investment experts and great connoisseurs of these pieces, since today it has become a common activity among the vast majority of people, always advised by professionals and jewelers to achieve the best appraisals.

There are many aspects that make the price of a luxury watch vary and among them, many details that can be seen after a certain experience, something that is essential to achieve the best investment in buying and selling luxury watches throughout Madrid.



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The second-hand watch collecting market is constantly growing, but the truth is that although there are more and more collectors, the number of pieces that are on the market are the same.

This is because the most important models of second-hand watches are those that have been discontinued for years.

Specialists in the sale of luxury watches also look for the most original or eccentric models, those that have not been manufactured for a long time, and even some whose model has not turned out to be successful and therefore few exponents come out.

These pieces increase their value due to their exclusivity, in addition to the quality of the materials with which they are made.

As they have less outlet on the market, short-run luxury watch models are the most sought after and those that are usually in the hands of the most important professionals and in the best jewelers in Madrid.


A correct purchase and sale of luxury watches in Madrid should be done with the advice of the most important professionals, as long as you are not a great connoisseur and have the necessary experience to carry out this investment.

Among the most important tips when buying luxury watches, it can be noted that they are always more valued, these being the classics.

The professional models, such as the Submariner, GMT or Daytona, are much better than others, such as the Milgauss or the Explorer. The maintenance of a watch intact is one of the fundamental factors to generate better investments in the sale of the same.

Products that have scratches on their glass or that show deterioration in the metal will lose their value, so it would be even better if this piece is unused.


Do you have a second hand watch in Madrid? These pieces that have often been a family heirloom and are in disuse, can be of great use to you if you insert them in the market for buying and selling luxury watches in this city.

This type of investment in the purchase and sale of luxury watches should always be carried out by professionals, in establishments that have all the necessary safety standards for you to achieve a better transaction.

The professional appraisers and connoisseurs of vintage watchmaking will look at all the details and benefits that the piece you have worn has, and then offer you the value that you can obtain for it.

A second-hand watch is more valued when it is in original condition, that is, with all the factory parts, when they are not too polished on their glass and when they do not present any type of bumps and damage that can make the value it fluctuates.

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