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Buy and Sell Watches Madrid

Buying luxury watches for sale in Madrid has long ceased to be a thing of investment experts and great connoisseurs of these pieces, as it has now become a common activity among the vast majority of people.

From Elekton Watches, we seek to offer our customers in Madrid a great experience with our selection of luxury watches for those who want to stand out in the capital of Spain.

Our Luxury Watches in Madrid

Specialists in the purchase and sale of luxury watches in Madrid

A correct purchase and sale of luxury watches in Madrid must be done with the advice of the most important professionals, so Elekton Watches will advise you at all times of the process of your purchase. 

Among the most important tips when buying luxury watches in Madrid, we can highlight that they are always more valued, these being the classics. 

Professional models, such as Rolex Submariner, GMT or Daytona are some of the examples, where the demand for watches in Madrid is quite high.

On the other hand, it is important to know the value of the watch. Therefore, Elekton Watches will advise you in case you need more information about the watch you are interested in.

appraise your watch in Madrid

If you need to sell your luxury watch, contact us and we will appraise it in less than 48 hours.


Sell your watch in Madrid safely

Do you have a luxury watch that you are no longer interested in? Our specialists in luxury watches in Madrid will help you to sell it in the safest way possible.

This type of investment of buying and selling luxury watches should always be done by professionals, in establishments that have all the necessary safety standards to achieve a better transaction. As is the case of Elekton Watches, since our experience supports us.

The professional and knowledgeable appraisers of luxury watchmaking who work at Elekton Watches, will look at all the details and features that the piece you have worn, and then offer you the value you can get for it. 


A second hand watch is more valued when it is in original condition, that is, with all the factory parts, when they are not too polished in its crystal and when they do not have any bumps and damages that can make the value of it fluctuate. 

Our specialists in buying and selling luxury watches in Madrid also look for the most original or eccentric models, that is to say, those that have not been manufactured for a long time, and even some whose model has not been successful and therefore, few exponents have come to light. 

These pieces increase their value for their exclusivity, as well as for the quality of the materials with which they are made. 

Therefore, if you are looking for second hand watches in Madrid, Elekton Watches strives to offer them in the best conditions. Fulfilling all the guarantees and offering a quality service.

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