The watches made by Richard Mille are usually very famous not only for the luxury that their finishes reflect, but also for the innovation in terms of materials and also for their extraordinary performance; all these characteristics have allowed them to position themselves among the greatest objects of desire of both the general public and many celebrities.


And it is that since its launch to the market, have managed to become the last great exponent of luxury within the watch sector, because although many of the classic models continue to be trend, currently innovation in both materials and design has managed to become the new luxury, something that is largely due Richard Mille.

The philosophy of this brand has always consisted in bringing to the world of watchmaking those materials and techniques used within the most advanced sectors and industries, for example, Formula 1 and aeronautics.

That’s why, since its inception, Richard Mille has been experimenting with highly advanced materials such as carbon fiber and graphite, in order to not only optimize both the quality and performance of the watches in terms of accuracy, weight and shock resistance, but also to offer totally unique and recognizable designs that have a cutting-edge aesthetic.

In addition to always maintaining the classic Swiss watchmaking tradition, which involves making quite complex mechanisms, which must be assembled manually piece by piece.

For this reason, Richard Mille watches are highly coveted by collectors. For this reason, we stand out in buying and selling watches in Madrid and buying and selling watches in Barcelona, in order to cover the largest possible audience.


The great popularity of the various models of Richard Mille watches is not only due to their status or aesthetics, as they also stand out for their great sports performance.

When we talk about Richard Mille watches, we can say that within the world of watchmaking, they are characterized by being the closest thing that exists to racing cars.

Richard Mille watches stand out for their exclusivity and high technology

The watches manufactured by Richard Mille are distinguished for being true technological wonders, created from the newest and most modern materials, which allow them to be practically indestructible.

Thus, both its futuristic design and its exclusivity has served to position itself as the best alternative for any lover of exclusivity.

The watches of this popular Swiss brand usually represent a real synonym of luxury, richness, distinction and eccentricity. Besides having quite high prices, they are distinguished by the use of materials that make their watches extremely resistant and ultra-light at the same time.

In addition, these are limited edition pieces, which are not usually manufactured in more than 200 units for the same model, being created around 5,000 pieces annually.

Likewise, they manage to be a symbol of distinction and richness because several of their pieces usually have emeralds, diamonds, rubies, gold and pure black onyx, besides being totally handmade.


As we have mentioned, Richard Mille offers the public watches that stand out for being a true symbol of progress and exclusivity, which consist of aspects that have allowed the Swiss luxury watch brand to position itself among the most desired and envied at the same time.

And although many want to be able to buy a new model, the truth is that they are usually a little complicated to acquire due to their exclusivity and limited manufacture. Therefore, we can say that it is always best to bet on a second hand Richard Mille.

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