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On the big movie screens we have always seen extraordinary actors who are easy to remember just by saying their name. While this is a typical and commonplace fact, it is less so if we say that there are watches that have won the fanaticism of many fans in the same way. In this article we introduce you to the watches that have revolutionised the fashion of an entire era.

Tag Heuer Monaco at Le Mans

One of motorsport’s most exciting films and starring The King of Cool, Steve McQueen, took the plaudits thanks to the model of watch worn by the actor. McQueen appeared with the accessory in promotional material for the film, as well as wearing it during filming.

The Tag Heuer Monaco was introduced in 1969 and caused quite a revolution with its square case design and left-hand crown with a basically sporty character. With its appearance on the screen, it became one of the most legendary sports watches par excellence.

Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional Diver 300M in ‘Golden Eye

James Bond, the great fictional film star, unwittingly made the Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional Diver 300M model fashionable during his time and to this day. In ‘Golden Eye’, the actor wore the watch in the best possible way.

Omega Seamaster Quartz Professional Diver 300M in'Golden Eye

Although Pierce Brosnan made this model famous, he also had the pleasure of wearing other brands in different films where the 007 agent went on his missions. We are talking about films such as ‘Dr. No’, ‘From Russia with love’ or ‘James Bine against Goldfinger’ in which the Rolex submariner 6538 model stands out.

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Rolex Datejust in ‘American Psycho

Banker Patrick Batemen hides in the perfection of his image from his suit to his business cards, but the most representative symbol of his good taste is the Rolex Datejust. For actor Christian Bale’s wrist, they chose what is probably the most recognisable luxury watch in existence in an 18-carat gold version.

This Rolex Datejust was first introduced in the late 1940s and its essence has remained the same ever since. There have been some variations such as the growth of the case (from 36 mm to 41 mm) as well as some variations such as the jubilee style stainless steel and gold bracelet.

Casio calculator CA-53W-1Z in ‘Back to the Future’

This accessory became as legendary as the film itself. Marty McFly uses the watch, which years later became democratised and many children of the time were able to enjoy it, although none of them knew how to travel through time.

Even though we are already in the supposed future they were talking about, the Casio CA-53W-1Z continues to have its popularity and coolness as if it was its first day.

Santos Cartier on ‘Wall Street

Actor Michael Douglas presented everything there was to know about power dressing in the 1980s. His tie clip or cufflinks, but above all his Santos Cartier gold watch, marked a before and after in the fashion of these accessories.

Cartier Santos on Wall Street

We are talking about the fact that the Santos Cartier model was the first men’s wristwatch in history. Today, it is more relevant than ever thanks to the update they have recently launched. Maintaining its most distinctive features such as square shapes, Roman numerals, blue hands or white background, they have renewed the lines (now softer) and have improved techniques in precision and antimagnetism.

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