Types of watch straps

watch straps and types
That part of the watch that is often overlooked, but which, nevertheless, well combined, gives an extra touch of style to a watch. Yes, we are talking about the straps. It is clear that the more straps you have, the more combinations you can use. Even a few straps can make a small watch collection look much bigger, provided they are well selected. Here we introduce you to the types of straps that exist and their materials!

Types of watch straps by material

The type of material is a basic part that will determine the quality of the strap. Therefore, we have to take into account the intended use of the watch, as not all materials will hold up better under different conditions. At the end of the day, the best material for your watch strap is the one that not only suits your style, but above all your needs. type of watch straps

Leather watch straps

They are the most popular and best suited to a classic or dress watch, as they add an extra touch of style that goes perfectly with any outfit. Leather straps are available in different colours such as brown, black or even red. Although they come in different qualities, natural leather straps are thinner and more elegant. However, synthetic leather straps also have their advantages. The best leather is made from calfskin, although exotic leather varieties such as lizard, crocodile or shark skin can be found. Either way, a quality leather strap will age with the watch and gain marks as it wears. If you’re looking for luxury watches with leather straps, Elekton Watches has the perfect Jaeger-Lecoultre watch catalogue to buy and sell the perfect Jaeger-Lecoultre watches to show off a quality strap.

Metal watch bands

Possibly the most practical for everyday use due to the ease with which they can be removed or put on and the strength of the metal. This type of strap only fits on the wrist for which it has been adjusted, and the clasp is very quick to use. The material is usually stainless steel, although there are also those made of other metals such as titanium or gold. Nowadays, even low-end models have abandoned alloy. It is undoubtedly the most durable type of strap, although it is also more expensive and heavier than the former.

Rubber watch bands

This type of watch bands are designed for sports watches, as their material is undoubtedly the best option: light, resistant, comfortable and easy to wash. Therefore, they are ideal for spending a lot of time in contact with water and sweat. They are made of natural compounds such as rubber or plastic. Generally, rubber is the most common, although there are also other materials with similar properties such as silicone and polyurethane. After all, they all share the same properties of strength and flexibility. And they come in all colours, so there’s no problem changing the look of your watch whenever you want. Looking for a luxury watch with a rubber strap? At Elekton Watches we offer a wide range of Patek Philippe watches where you will find the one that suits your taste.

Textile watch straps

They are characterised by their versatility, as they can adopt any type of design within a wide range of colours, as well as being very elegant. They are designed for a more casual look than the leather ones due to their different possible colours. In addition, they are also more resistant and lighter. They are usually made of synthetic nylon fibres, which is why you may also hear the names sailcloth, canvas, perlon or sailcloth. Being a cheap material makes it easy to get many of these straps for the price of a leather strap. This way you have different options to show off your watch.

Which strap to choose

Each type of strap has its own style, so you have a whole world to discover. Now you know the most essential things you need to know about your watch strap, all you need to do is choose it and wear it. Remember to take into account what its possible use would be, because as you have seen, each type adapts to a different lifestyle. For this reason, Elekton Watches opens the doors of our buy watches for sale in Barcelona and buy watches for sale in Madrid to help you with whatever you need.


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