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Within the world of high-end watches, Swiss brands have dominated the market for some centuries, but at the same time a brand of high-end watches has developed in France with surprising models that combine all the style of the classic, and with details that give it elegance and eccentricity at the same time and this is Cartier.


Today, the brand belongs to a Swiss investment group, but they still retain that touch of distinction that Louise-Francois Cartier began in the mid-nineteenth century, in the midst of the French Revolution.

Today Cartier models are internationally recognized pieces, in the world of collectors as well as in that of investors, just as they are used by great figures of the show and Hollywood stars who wear their vintage models as a standard.

A brand that has more than 170 years making watches to the highest quality standards, offering the best materials and technologies, also has a large market in which its vintage models continue to be bought and sold.

This is why brand exemplars are so important in the business world. Having one of these pieces of art also means a great investment due to its constant demand, much higher than the supply.


One of the great distinctive features that make this brand one of the most coveted by people, collectors and investors around the world, is that it also produces women’s watches, with quality materials and performance equal to those of the models for men.

Pre-owned Cartier watches for women are true treasures that all collectors want to keep and that is why their value can be high.

A great opportunity arises when a Cartier watch for women is preserved as a family heirloom that has been passed down from generation to generation, to be put on the collectors market.

These are shown by others interested in those vintage models and the older it is, the greater value it can be obtained from them, representing a true investment.


There are so many models that the brand started in France kept on the market, that today they have become objects coveted by all. Some models are coveted for their particularities and such is the case of the Santos model, with a lot of history.

Alberto Santos-Dumont was an aviator who found it very difficult to use hand watches while flying and that is why he was looking for a wristwatch that had great performance, at the same time elegant.

This model was so particular that today it is sought after by all the experienced collectors of the world.

There are also models from the Second World War and from other moments in history that make them so emblematic that they are sought after by everyone, but the offer is not so great, so you can get an important benefit from buying and selling them. 

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