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Luxury watches are made of highly valuable materials and metals, such as gold, silver or platinum and depending on their general condition. These can reach really important appraisals, which can mean a relief in your economy.

But the most important thing when pawning a luxury watch is to have the precise information of what type of piece you have in your possession and that you find the right place to sell your watch, where you will obtain a greater profit.

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There are different keys that must be taken into account when pawning a luxury watch, in order to get the most out of it. 

Pawn shops will offer you different appraisals and the more informed you are about the piece you have in your possession, the easier it will be to manage to sell it at a price that means an advantage for you. 

This means that what we have to achieve is to find the highest valuation of the piece and this will depend on three important factors which are the brand, the model and the state in which our luxury watch is kept. 

A watch that does not have scratches on its glass, marks on its bracelet or a notorious wear and tear produced by the passage of time, will obtain a much higher valuation than one that is in worse condition. 

Keeping a watch in its perfect condition will make the appraisal value favorable to you. 

It is always advisable to go to an establishment where there is more movement in buying and selling watches, as this will have fewer problems in locating your watch.

While a pawn shop that has a lower volume of buying and selling, can cause you to get a lower appraisal and therefore lower profit. 


A city as important as Barcelona has a wide variety of possibilities, with an important offer of reliable jewelers and appraisers who can offer the best price when pawning luxury watches. 

Pawning services offer the possibility of selling a piece of important value, with the option of the person who has pawned it to get it back, something that is important, especially for those people who give a sentimental value to the piece beyond the economic one and who for certain circumstances have had to resort to selling it.


A large number of specialized companies are waiting for people to pawn their luxury watches in Madrid, offering the best and most reliable appraisals to reach the best decision. 

The jewelers and pawn shops that have more experience and are always specialized, are the most useful option, since they will offer you the benefit of an on-the-spot purchase. 

They will value the watch quickly and at the best price you can get, having the ability to make the outlay of money that means the purchase of your watch immediately, something that will mean a greater benefit for people who pawn their valuable piece

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