Advantages and disadvantages of gold watches

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Buying gold watches is for many an unattainable dream. And for others it is an acceptable desire. Gold is one of the most coveted precious metals by mankind. Soft and yellow it is sensitive and soluble to substances such as bleach, chlorine, real water, cyanide and mercury.

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Traditionally gold began to be used for coins and today this metal is an indispensable part of industry, electronics, jewelry and, of course, high-end watchmaking. Thus, gold watches have become one of the most sought-after pieces in the world of watchmaking.

Buying gold watches has certain advantages and disadvantages. Although in this case the good ones far outweigh the not so good ones. Here’s why you should choose a gold watch, or why not.

Advantages of buying gold watches

Among the advantages of buying a gold watch we will focus on seven important aspects:

1. Wearing a gold watch means being in contact with a deep-rooted culture. If we look back we will see that gold is a precious metal that has been present since the earliest stages of humanity.

2. Class and distinction. For all those people who like exclusivity and distinguish themselves from others, gold is a metal that combines class and distinction.

3. Gold watches are revalued with the passage of time.

4. If you have expensive tastes and you like to show it off, gold watches will speak for themselves about your pocket.

5. It is the perfect element to show off your looks at the most important and prestigious parties or events.

6. The shine is something that almost without maintenance remains intact as the first day.

7. In case of having suffered some kind of scratch, gold watches can always be polished.

Disadvantages of buying gold watches

There are mainly three points you need to know if we talk about the disadvantages when it comes to opting for a gold watch.

1. Price. Gold watches usually have a very high price. Although we can find in the market gold watches ranging from luxury to fashion brands, its price is quite high. And not all pockets can afford it.

2. Risk of theft. Keep in mind that if you wear a gold watch on your wrist you expose yourself to be an “easy target” for thieves. There are many news we see in the press or on television of people who have been robbed. Just be careful and take the necessary precautions, nothing should happen to you.

3. Gold watches are easily scratched. It is a sensitive and delicate metal and you have to know how to take care of it.

We recommend that if you are thinking of buying gold watches, you should opt for Swiss watch brands. Therefore, we recommend you to take a look at our Rolex watches buy sell and our Hublot watches for sale, where you can find all kinds of luxury watches.

Gold watches are usually eighteen karat for cases and straps. They have great reliability and excellent performance.

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