What is the difference between a chronometer and a chronograph?

difference watch chronograph

What is a Chronometer?

These high-precision watches have a subdial to measure the seconds, the accuracy of which has been evaluated over a period of several days, under various conditions of use and climate, carried out by the Swiss official chronometer control (contrôle officiel suisse des chronometres) known internationally for its acronym COSC, in order to check its accuracy in the measurement of time. The tolerable limit for a watch to be COSC approved is +/- 2 seconds apart every 24 hours. When a watch does not exceed that difference in the tests in which it is subjected, it can obtain the qualification of chronometer.

Here are some examples of the Rolex brand:

watches rolex chronograph

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What is a chronograph?

A watch with a chronograph, in addition to providing the usual time function, measures intermediate time sequences through specific counters located on its dial. These sequences can range from seconds to hours. In addition to the usual crown, they generally have one or two pushbuttons that allow the counting hand to fire, stop it and restart it again, likewise watches with chronographs usually have two or three sub-dials that show the hours, minutes and seconds. The time sequences measured by the counting needle are accumulated in the counters allowing the user to keep track of partial times.

Its use is essential in sports that require speed, such as: horse races, car races, marathons, among others, that require determining the elapsed time accurately.

difference watch chronograph

Differencias between both

The main difference is that a chronograph is a functionality, while a chronometer is a quality. A chronometer is a watch that tells the time with extremely high precision, while a chronograph is a watch that measures short times. It is possible that a watch that only tells the hour and minutes is a chronometer, while a chronograph to be able to measure short times requires greater details or machinery designed with greater complexity.

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