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Over time, watch manufacturers have been using various materials to carry out the production of their pieces, in order to offer users quality watches that, in addition to being resistant and durable, also have a good aesthetic and manage to adjust to the tastes and needs of each person. They are common accessories that, although most people use on a daily basis, do not pay much attention to them in many cases. However, the truth is that watches marked both a before and an after in people’s lives. And to make sure that a watch is of quality, you should pay attention to its manufacturing materials, which remain largely the same as they were years ago, albeit with some variations.

Materials are essential to ensure the quality of a watch

Paying attention to its materials is the simplest way to know if a watch is really of quality. In this sense, materials such as platinum, gold and steel stand out for feeling solid to the touch and even somewhat cold. Likewise, when touched with the fingernail, it is possible to feel the strength that characterizes these materials, and when tapped they do not usually feel hollow, something that happens in the case of watches that are made of poor quality materials. In addition to this, it is advisable that when choosing a good watch you always keep in mind that those are not of good quality, usually distinguished by feeling something plasticized, ie, they usually do not feel so hard, and even have certain parts where they look more worn, something that does not happen when the materials are of good quality.

Highest quality materials used in watch manufacturing

Although there is a variety of watches on the market that claim to be the best, the truth is that to know how good a watch is, you have to look at the quality of its materials, as it will largely determine the strength and durability of the same, as well as its proper functioning. And although it is generally said that gold watches are the best that can be found in the market, the truth is that there are also other materials that also stand out for their quality. In this sense, the most recommended and the ones you should know when you want to buy a good watch are the following:

Stainless steel

Stainless steel, whether alone or in combination with some yellow metal, is usually the most common material used in the manufacture of good quality watch cases. It consists of a material that stands out for not deteriorating under impacts and/or scratches, since it is an alloy of carbon and iron, which can be polished and does not rust, so it is a highly resistant metal that offers great durability.


Platinum is also frequently used in the manufacture of watches, which is due to the fact that it is also considered to be a precious metal that has the ability to offer great hardness and at the same time be very light. platinum watch It can be said that the great success of this material is due both to its rarity and its properties, being even more precious than gold, and it stands out for providing numerous qualities.


It stands out for being the precious metal that is most used in the manufacture of watches, especially bracelet models, and apart from its value, it stands out for being able to not oxidize and maintain its color. Gold is a soft metal, which has to be alloyed with other materials, so its color can vary according to those metals (nickel, silver, palladium, copper) with which it is mixed, being able to find yellow, white and pink gold. This material is widely used at the level of luxury watches, giving distinction from other brands. Rolex watches provide a large percentage of its product range related to gold, in addition to Audermars Piguet watches that follow a similar trail.


It tends to be highly appreciated due to its extraordinary relationship between weight and hardness, and although its price can be 10 times higher than that of stainless steel, it stands out for providing multiple advantages. titanium watch It is also highly valued for being anti-magnetic, lightweight, stainless, chemically neutral and even non-toxic, so it does not cause any allergies. Its color is usually pearl gray, and it has a texture that is characterized by changing with light.

Hard metals

Over the past few years, watch manufacturers have also been betting on the use of new materials, such as titanium carbide powder and tungsten. In the first case, cobalt is combined with the powder and then compressed at high temperatures to obtain a material that is then machined and polished with diamond tools to obtain a very hard metal with a high level of resistance to scratches and shocks.


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