Why is a power reserve on a watch useful?

power reserve in a watch

As for the difference between chronometer and chronograph, the power reserve is an important element of the watch.

Both automatic and hand-wound watches need to be wound in order to function. The power reserve indicator usually appears on the dial, like the fuel gauge on a car, and indicates the tension of the mainspring at all times.

Self-winding watches are fitted with a rotor which, as it swings with the movement of the arm, generates the energy needed to charge its barrel.

And although mechanical watchmaking is a pleasure that no one wants to do without, it is also true that on a practical level quartz is a must – with its small battery or even solar charging – to ensure years of uninterrupted operation.

Why is a power reserve on a watch useful?

Having a watch with a power reserve takes the guesswork out of how long your watch will run before you have to wind it up again.

power reserve of a watch

Most mechanical watch owners know their watch’s power reserve, which can range from 38 to 80 hours, but the beauty of a power reserve indicator is that you don’t have to make a mental note of every time you wind your watch. Instead, the power reserve indicator does all the work for you.

How do I check the power reserve of my watch?

If you have an automatic watch with a power reserve indicator and you are not wearing the watch, you will be able to see how much power you have left before the watch stops running. When the indicator shows that the power reserve is low, you will know that you should start wearing the watch again.

On the other hand, if you have a manually wound watch, the power reserve indicator will let you know when you need to manually wind your watch using the crown.

The most prominent luxury watches include an increasingly high power reserve, as is the case of Rolex. For this reason, we recommend buying and selling Rolex watches, as they are one of the brands that offer the best guarantees when it comes to a high power reserve.


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