Types of watch movements

types of watch movements

Nowadays, most of us wear a wristwatch on a daily basis. It is clear that its functionality is more than obvious, but only a few know how it works. And the fact is that not all watches are the same, even if we take the opposite for granted. No, we are not talking about their appearance, but about the way they work.

It is not usual to be inside the world of horology and it is something completely common, but once you are part of it, there is no one who can take you out. Although we are talking about a technical and complex subject with terms difficult to understand, in this article we will provide you with all the information you need with basic concepts that will turn you into an expert collector.

movements of a wristwatch

What is the watch movement

When we talk about the movement of a watch we are not referring to the movement of its hands, but to the operation it has behind its case, as if we were talking about its heart. The names that define the mechanism that drives the watch are usually caliber or movement, although there are more terms.

Types of movements

Depending on their technical nature, they are classified into three basic types of movements. Although there are also other very specific varieties, we will focus on the most used mainly in prestige watches:

  • Manual winding movement is the oldest type of movement in wristwatches. It consists of interconnected parts that when they move generate energy to run the accessory. This energy is regulated by means of a winding, which must be wound periodically by turning the crown of the watch.  They are usually highly valued for their ingenuity and technical difficulty involved in creating these movements, although they are much more delicate and fragile than other pieces. It is typical that it slows down or moves forward easily, a fact that defines it as not very precise. For the same reason, they are usually more expensive and bring class to anyone who wears it, like the DAYTONA 6265 model, from our Rolex watches for sale section.

woman watching the movement of her watch

  • Automatic movement, they are the evolution of hand-wound calibers. They are wound without winding them, since their inner winding is automatically wound on a rotor that rotates thanks to the swinging of the watch when it is worn. It should be noted that if the watch is not worn for long periods of time, it must be wound manually to get it to start up again. There are even times when the movement of the wrist alone is not enough. At Elekton Watches we offer you the best brands of automatic watches at the best price in the market, such as the PATEK PHILIPPE AQUANAUT, which you will find in our catalog of Patek Philippe watches for sale.
  • Quartz movement, watches popularly known as “battery-powered” because they have an electric battery of this form, in addition to being formed by an electric circuit that pushes the hands. Compared to the other types of movement, their manufacturing cost is reduced thanks to their simplicity of construction, so the selling price is also lower. This watch gets its energy through the vibration produced by the quartz (a piece of crystal) with a button battery, hence its nickname. It is important to note that the battery will need to be replaced around 2/5 years. In the end, choosing a quartz watch is usually the most comfortable option for the customer.

All types of movements are special and unequal to each other. In general, quartz watches are easier to maintain, more precise and more economical. On the other hand, winding watches are works of art whose recognition comes thanks to their complexity, but above all for their tradition and craftsmanship. Either way, it is clear that it is not easy to find a pre-owned luxury watch at a good price, so Elekton Watches opens the doors of our buy watches for sale in Barcelona and buy watches for sale in Madrid to assist you with whatever you need.

Now you know the most popular types of watches according to their movement. And you, which one do you choose?


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